Do you have a writing sidekick yet?

Cover of the Canadian Press Stylebook

Batman and Robin. Han Solo and Chewbacca. Kirk and Spock. Wayne and Garth.

Every leading role has a sidekick.

In your journey as a communications professional, a good sidekick is essential.

When the bread and butter of communications professionals are words, good writing is essential.

While some of us may have had a manager or supervisor who made us write and rewrite our work endlessly in the pursuit of perfection, some of us may not have.

It’s important to know that you’re never alone.

You do have a sidekick on your path to better writing.

That sidekick is the Canadian Press Stylebook.

For 75 years, it has been the go-to reference for Canadian journalists.

Want to know if you should capitalize vice-president? The Canadian Press Stylebook has the answer.

What’s right, per cent or %? The Canadian Press Stylebook knows.

When do you stop using numerals like 1, 2, 3 and start writing numbers out using words, like ten and eleven? The Canadian Press Stylebook will guide you.

If you’re ever challenged on why you’re using certain words, you should be able to pull out the Canadian Press Stylebook and show your challenger.

If you don’t have a Canadian Press Stylebook in your office, get your manager to buy one.

Sometimes, even a sidekick has a sidekick. The Canadian Press Stylebook’s sidekick is Caps and Spelling.

Your office should have one of those, too.

It will give you the confidence to make decisions that some of Canada’s most hard working writers have been making for three quarters of a century.